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Friends, relatives and loved ones are more often put into mode of stress and uncertainty, if the safe arrival of their dear ones are not conveyed.

Experiencing flight delays, cancellations and even being denied boarding causes loved ones who are waiting either at the airport or home can be brought into a state of limbo.

EU Regulations 261/2004 clearly states that passengers who experience such ordeal are to be provided with access of two free phone calls, email and some refreshments.

You don’t however, have to let those light incentives end there, as same regulations also set out that passengers with such experience are to be compensated of up to €600, based on magnitude of circumstance and distance.

At Right Claims, our acknowledgement of referrals is paramount, and with experience of shared testimonials of our clients who were never aware of any compensation due to them, but thanks to a little help from friends, they were able to obtain what is rightfully theirs.

Be the one heck of a friend today to be thankful for, by referring someone with similar situations of being delayed for over 3 hours ahead of scheduled time of arrival, being denied boarding or experienced flight cancellations.

Please note that we have a stringent privacy policy and can assure that we do not pass any details to a third party.

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