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Your rights

Every time you travel via plane in the EU, you are protected by a number of regulations- but hardly any passengers understand the ins and outs of these regulations. What’s more, successfully claiming compensation often requires in-depth legal knowledge, meaning few manage to obtain the money that they are entitled to. But don’t worry- Right Claims are here to help.

Your rights under European regulations

The rights of passengers, as well as their entitlement to compensation, are protected by EC Regulation 261/2004. Under this regulation, if your flight is delayed or cancelled, or you are denied boarding because of overbooking, you could receive compensation of between £220 and £540. The amount that you will receive depends on the destination and length of your flight, rather than the amount you paid for the ticket.

Checking the validity of your claim

To see whether you are entitled to compensation, and how much you could claim, we’ll need to analyse a range of different factors, from the length of your flight, to the weather conditions that day, and just what caused the delay. All we need from you are a few flight details, and we can do the rest- and tell you just how much you are entitled to.

How much compensation am I entitled to?

If you were booked onto aflight and arrived at your destination at least three hours late- and this delay was the airline’s fault- then you are entitled to at least some monetary compensation.

Just how much you are entitled to depends on a number of different factors, and is determined by EU regulations. For the most part, it depends on how far your flight was due to travel, and how long you were delayed for. The regulations cover all airlines, whether they are based in Europe or not, but there are a few extra conditions that need to be fulfilled if your flight departed from or arrived at an airport that’s located outside Europe. If you were flying in to Europe, then the airline you flew with needs to be a European one in order to qualify for compensation. Don’t worry, though- we’ll check all these requirements on your behalf once you’ve submitted your claim.

In addition to your disruption compensation, airlines also have a duty of care to their passengers in the event of delays and cancellations, or when they can’t provide you a seat on your booked flight. They must provide you with food and drink during your wait, give you two free phone calls as well as access to emails, and if you are delayed overnight, hotel accommodation and transport. If you incurred expenses during your wait for the next flight, and didn’t claim them back from the airline, then you may still be able to do so.

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