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Inasmuch as the law (EU 261/2004) states that passengers of EU airlines travelling from any EU country experiencing disrupted flights like delays, cancellations and over-boarding are to be compensated of up to £540. This compensation can only be avoided if disrupted flights are caused by circumstances beyond their control, termed as “force majeure”. Yet the airlines in most cases frown on these regulations and do all within their powers to avoid paying out compensations.

It is estimated that 1 out of every 10 self-submitted claims are rejected by airlines with their various tactics of reasons by trying to push on blames elsewhere, like severe weather conditions or other relevant excuses which may exclude them not to pay their passengers.

That’s where Right Claims comes in, by rolling up our sleeves and go through all lengths and breadths to find out what really happened, whether what the airlines are saying coincide with the inevitable facts and evidence at hand to claim on your behalf, strictly on no win no fee basis.

With our cutting edge and sophisticated technology of historical flight data analysis, and our partnered experts in aviation law, gives us the upper hand to put our arguments across.

With all our claim processes, we thoroughly investigate everything concerning flights in question, weather conditions and what really went on that day and the actual cause of delay, cancellations or over boarding, to dispute otherwise and claim what is due to our service users.

Claiming compensations of disrupted flights for our clients is our business, and we do it very well with over 98% success rate.

You may have had some unacceptable experience with your airline, which may be the reason why you’re here, but with Right Claims, be rest assured that you’re in good and safe hands, with all the positive experience and benefits which our service users receive. From our UK based dedicated and customer friendly service, to our expert partnered lawyers whose focuses are ensuring that you win.


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